Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best of the Year

Ben Disaster - Another World (Close My Eyes) (EP)

Big stars of this year Rhythm of Cruelty released two great recordings. Still Life (CS), and In Time (EP).
Can't Escape (Still Life)
Still Life (Still Life)
In Time (In Time)
Pictures (In Time)

The Ex - Enormous Door (LP)
Bicycle Illusion
We Are Made of Places

Night Court - (Sean McIntosh of Gary Debussy and Zebra Pulse and Robert Burkosky of Energetic Action, Ben Disaster, Cockatoo, Christ Appearing As Sun and Love Electric) Live at Ramshackle Day Parade, July 22 2013.

Christ Appearing As Sun - Program One (The Love Hour Series, Volume One) (CS)

Love Electric - Love Electric (CS)
Inside Joke
Have a Vision

The Stooges - Ready to Die (LP/CD)
Dirty Deal

Zebra Pulse - Heh, Vay Bae-Bays (CD)
Placenta's Lament
Hillbilly Galactic
Technical Space Composition No. 5

Dot Wiggin Band - Ready! Get! Go! (LP/CD)
Banana Bike

Cockatoo - Present (CD)
Drum Song

Chumbawamba - In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher (EP)
So Long, So Long

Thank you again to anyone who voted me best music show in the spring.

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