Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heaven 17 - Crushed by the Wheels of Industry

the Sonics - Strychnine
the Cramps - I Can't Find My Mind
Gun Club - Sex Beat

the Feelies - Crazy Rhythms
Minutemen - the Product
Kleenex - Nice

Squeeze - Annie Get Your Gun
Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso
Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army

Klaus Flouride - Gruesome Stains
Headache - No Problem
Trirychlostni Pepicek - Lepsi ruka zdrava

Slint - Breadcrumb Trail
Wipers - Youth of America
Jesus Lizard - Waxeater

Gang of Four - Ether
Funkadelic - Electric Spanking of War Babies
Pop Group - She is Beyond Good and Evil

Red Crayola - Pink Stainless Tail
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
Suicide - Rocket U.S.A.

Einsturzende Neubauten - Abfackeln
Test Dept. - Total State Machine

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla

Agent Orange - Bloodstains
Unwanted - Tanks Keep Rolling
No Problem - Your Eyes

Adam and the Antz - Catholic Day
Beefeater - Mr. Silverbird
Essential Logic - Bod's Message

Raincoats - Off Duty Trip
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
101ers - Keys to Your Heart

Observers - Short Day
Blyth Power - Marius Moves
Subhumans - Firing Squad

Big Black - the Power of Independent Trucking
Nomeansno - Brother Rat/What Slayde Says
the Ex - Uh Oh, Africa!

Rubella Ballet - Money Talks
X-Ray Spex - Art-i-ficial
Xmal Deutschland - Qual

Alternative TV - Lost in Room
Apostles - Eyes of a Dreamer
Bad Thoughts - Keep it Easy

Generation X - 100 Punks
Monks - Drugs in My Pocket
Toxik Ephex - Social Control

Exploited - Dead Cities
Vice Squad - Last Rockers

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Flag - Damaged

Black Flag - I won't stick any of you unless and until I can stick all of you!
the Germs - the Slave
Big Flame - Sometimes

XTC - Statue of Liberty
the Cure - Fire in Cairo
the Cars - Touch and Go

No Trend - Reality Breakdown
Rites of Spring - For Want Of
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - I Woke Up Dreaming

Kim Fowley - The Trip
Bonzo Dog Band - Trouser Press
Fugs - Four Minutes to Twelve

X - Sex and Dying in High Society
Malaria! - You You
DIRT - Slaughterhouse Rock

David Bowie - All the Madmen
New York Dolls - Looking for a Kiss
T Rex - Life's a Gas

Shockabilly - Life's a Gas
Scratch Acid - Skin Drips
Christian Death - Ressurection, 6th Communion

Husker Du - Games
City Centre - Cops Don't Care
Nu Sensae - Skull Mecca

Public Image Limited - Banging the Door
Fall - I am Damo Suzuki
Can - Oh Yeah

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

Mission of Burma - New Nails
Slates - Dirty Water
Fugazi - Sieve Fisted Find

Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
Ben Disaster - Let it Rain
Billy Bragg - Richard

Stooges - Fun House
Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva's Operation

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Making Love Afterhours
Olatunji - Hail the King
James Blood Ulmer - Revelation March
Pizzarrhea - Fumbling Fuher Fandango

RAMONES - Suzy is a Headbanger
Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby
Dictators - (I Live For) Cars and Girls

Chandra - Opposite
English Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom
Flying Lizards - Money

Dead Kennedys -
ODFX - Drop the A Bomb on Me
Geister - Trapped

Television - Friction
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Another World
Patti Smith - Break it Up

Butthole Surfers - 100 Million People Dead
Essential Logic - Shabby Abbott