Saturday, February 23, 2013

Laughing Dogs - I Need a Million

Peter Hammill - The Second Hand
Ultravox - I Want to be a Machine
Gary Numan and Tubeway Army - Are 'Friends' Electric?

UV Race - I'm a Pig
Clockcleaner - Vomiting Mirrors
Homostupids - Brutal Birthday

Zebra Pulse - I G.B. of Dada
Public Image Limited - Banging the Door
Neu! - Isi

Screamers - Punish or be Damned
Nervous Gender - Scandinavian Dilemma
Factrix - Splice of Life

Krang - Deeper Purple

Love Electric - Same Dreams
Rhythm of Cruelty - Walls Pt. 2
Teledrome - Dial Tone

Jesus Lizard - Seasick

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Butthole Surfers - the Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

Ian Gomm - Jealousy
the Cars - You Might Think
Wreckless Eric - Let's Go To the Pictures

Jimmy Castor Bunch - You Better Be Good (Or the Devil Gon' Getcha)
Commodores - The Assembly Line / The Zoo (The Human Zoo)
James Brown - Cold Sweat

No Problem - I Don't Want It
Young Lions - In a Field
DOA - Slumlord

Articles of Faith - I Objectify
Subhumans - Let's Go Down to Hollywood (and Shoot People)
Fugazi - Glue Man

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Monitor
Joy Division - I Remember Nothing
Xmal Deutchland - Tag Fur Tag

Krang - Shake Joint (performing tonight with organ accompaniment at the Elevation Room!)
Babysitter - Witches Finger
Wicked Awesomes - Time Shit and Crystal Snot

Germs - Strange Notes
Weirdos - Life of Crime
Bags - Babylonian Gorgon

Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Another World
Talking Heads - the Big Country

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Black Flag - Sinking

DIRT - Hiroshima
Alternative - Warfear
Toxic Waste - As More Die

Crass - Bomb
Poison Girls - Underbitch
Cravats - Icecubists

Omega Tribe - Pictures
Apostles - Punk Squatters
Amebix - University Challenged

Hugh Mundell - Jah Will Provide
Burning Spear - Live Good
Prince Far I - Heavy Manners

Ludus - Unveiled (A Woman's Travelogue)
Magazine - Back to Nature
Peace - Winterhouse

Whitehouse - Mindphaser
Nocturnal Emissions - Herpes Virus
Leather Nun - Slow Death (Live)

Rhythm of Cruelty - In Time
This Heat - Cenotaph

Saturday, February 2, 2013

the Mothers of Invention - Plastic People

the Ex - The Flute's Tale
De Kift - Nat & Stinkend Stroo
Rondos - I Don't Like the Rastaman

Flying Lizards - Herstory
Public Image Limited - Fodderstompf
Vivien Goldman - Launderette

Pigbag - Wiggling
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Thankfully Not Living in Yorkshire
English Beat - Rough Rider

Psychic TV - No Go Go / Ov Power
Alternative TV - TV Operator
the Normal - TVOD

Descendents - Bikeadge
Mike Watt and the Secondmissing Men - Kabuki Girl
Chuck Dukowski Sextet - Eat My Life

Bush Tetras - Can't Be Funky
Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From
the Clash - Magnificent Seven

Doom - Relief Pt. 2 (Doom is actually coming HERE, believe it! I cannot promise they will be good, but I can promise I will be there)
Poison Idea - AA
Disorder - Today's World

Dead Kennedys - Riot
Red C - Jimi 45 / Pressure's On
Crucifucks - Hinkley Had a Vision