Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Show I Thought Was a SOCAN Show But Was In Fact Not One

Geister - Living Lies

Teenage Head - Get Off My Back
Diodes - We're Ripped
Bongo Fury - Alaska Shuffle

DOA - Liar For Hire
Subhumans - Death to the Sickoids
SNFU - Beautiful, Unlike You and I

Defektors - Bottom of the City
Nomeansno - Self-Pity
Peace - Winterhouse (playing Tuesday at Wunderbar)

Pointed Sticks - True Love
Infamous Scientists - Canada's Pissed
Throwaways - Friday Date

Simply Saucer - Here Come the Cyborgs
Sex Church - Slipped
Rhythm of Cruelty - In Time

Mandates - I Stayed at the Arcade
Let's Dance - Summer Breeze
Dishrags - I Don't Love You

Personality Crisis - Case History
No Problem - Debts
School Jerks - Why Ask Why?

Zebra Pulse - Hillbilly Galactic
Love Electric - Inside Joke
Christ Appearing As Sun - Program One (excerpt)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Bags - Survive

Headache - Empty
Kurws - Koszmar Gramsciego
Gary Debussy - Song a

Neos - Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song
Sludge Confrontations - Ice Jar
Negative Approach - Negative Approach

and because it's too good not to play:
Negative Approach - Whatever I Do

Rapid Loss - Death Persuades
Scattered Bodies - Distant Thunder (from a recently unearthed cassette demo, this is Edmontonian hardcore punk from the mid-eighties. Listen to it all by clicking the name of the band).
Pale Face - Powertrip

Larm - The Complexity of Life
Mob 47 - Rustning Ar Ett Brott
Terveet Kadet - Tornion Kevat

Kukl - Greece (Just By the Book)
Rondos - Colour T.V / Kontrast
Dvouleta Fama - To Ona Ona To

Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration
Le Scrawl - Proud of Shit
Naked City - Osaka Bondage

7 Seconds - Straight On
Minor Threat - Stumped
Dead Kennedys - This Could Be Anywhere, This Could Be Everywhere

Crass - Nagasaki Nightmare
John Lennon - Well Well Well
Poison Girls - Under the Doctor

The Coloured Balls - Hey! What's Your Name?