Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zebra Pulse was here this week debuting their new album Heh Vay Bae-Bays live on air, scope the release show and get your own copy May 2!

Every Trilogy is a Movie (1, 2 & 3)
Placenta's Lament
Boddy Bubble
My Hands Sparkle Like Lemons
Night Tornadoes
Hillbilly Galactic
Technical Space Composition No. 5
Psychic Dinner Disco
The Rusted Bones of Home

From here on out the band picks songs:
Ciccone Youth - Tough Titty Rap (Parker)
Ruins - Vrresto (Sean)
Dillinger Escape Plan - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (Owen)

Delia Derbyshire - Ziwih Ziwizih 00-00-00 (Parker)
Dalek - Lynch (Sean)
Venetian Snares - Nineteen 1319

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zebra Pulse - Night Tornadoes 
This is a never before heard cut from the new Zebra Pulse album Heh, Vay Bae-Bays out May 2. Zebra Pulse will be here next week debuting the whole darn thing for the first time live on the show, don't miss it!

Christ Appearing As Sun - Love Hour Series Volume One, Program One (excerpt) (tape release for this is happening this Monday)
Throbbing Gristle - Heathen Earth (excerpt)
Z'ev - Elemental Music (excerpt)

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Punky Reggae Party
Maytals - Sweet and Dandy
Clash - Justice Tonight / Kick it Over

Damned - New Rose
Alternative TV - Still Life
Joy Division - Disorder

Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Electric Chairs - Fuck Off 
Crime - Baby, You're So Repulsive

No Problem - Most Days
Death - Freakin' Out
Alice Cooper - Alma Mater

Love Electric - Same Dreams (tape release this Thursday!)
New Order - Temptation
Ultravox - Maximum Acceleration

Nu Sensae - Throw

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CJSR Awards!

Hello listeners,
It's the time of year again where CJSR has a little award ceremony to honour all the volunteers that work so hard to keep the station running. Normally we all have a little soiree together and beforehand we all vote on who does the best show, who's the best host, etc. But this year we're opening up that voting to you the listener as well. I don't mean to pander, but you should vote for Big A, Little a, because that's your favourite music show to listen to, right?

You can vote by going HERE. Don't let me down or I swear I will kill you and myself (although I likely won't honour that promise)

Your pal,
Dave Finkelman

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Farewell Margaret, thanks for all the tunes.

Big A, Little a says a dignified goodbye to the one, the only, Iron Lady - Maggie Thatcher

Notsensibles - (I'm in Love With) Margaret Thatcher

Exploited - Maggie You Cunt
Anti-Pasti - No Government
Varukers - Maggie's Fortress
Toxic Waste - Listen Margaret
System - Dogs of War

Toxik Ephex - Maggie
English Beat - Whine and Grine / Stand Down Margaret
Specials - Maggie's Farm
Newtown Neurotics - Living With Unemployment

Crass - Prime Sinister
- Sheep Farming in the Falklands
- How Does it Feel
- The Immortal Death
- Don't Tell me You Care

The Mob - No Doves Fly Here
Zounds - War / Subvert
Poison Girls - Another Hero
Omega Tribe - What the Hell?
Thatcher on Acid - Guess Who's Running the Show

Morrissey - Margaret on the Guillotine
Elvis Costello - Tramp the Dirt Down
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding

Spotlight this week is Chumbawamba's final release, a special memorial single to Thatcher that was mailed out the day she died.
Chumbawamba - Intro / So Long / Pinochet

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Iggy Pop - African Man

electric eels - Agitated
Death - Politicians in My Eyes
Mothers of Invention - Return of the Son of Monster Magnet

Liliput - Tschik-Mo
Mo-dettes - White Mice
Raincoats - Only Loved at Night

Minutemen - More Joy
Husker Du - 59 Times the Pain
Black Flag - Damaged I

Desperate Bicycles - Holidays
The Allovers - Allover Theme (great new locals, check out the link!)
Television Personalities - Part Time Punks

King Tubby - Say So
I-Roy - Satta
the Slits - Face Place

Rudimentary Peni - Alice Crucifies the Paedophiles
Void - Think
Melvins - Rickets

Beefeater - Blind Leads Blind
Really Red - Too Political?
Happy Flowers - There's a Soft Spot On the Baby's Head

October Faction - I Was Grotesque
Keith Rowe and John Tiulbury - Cathnor