Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Problem - Debts (performing live on the show for Fundrive October 6)
Personality Crisis - Piss On You
Subhumans - Firing Squad

Album spotlight: Fly (1971) by Yoko Ono (
Mind Train

Prince Far-I - You I Love & Not Another
The Revolutionaries - A Who Say
Linton Kwesi Johnston - It's Noh Funny

Rhythm of Cruelty - The Past (also appearing live on the show October 6!)
Geister - Night Terrors
Christ Appearing As Sun - Love Hour Series Excerpt (Appearing live on the program next Saturday!)

Talking Heads - Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Parliament - Mothership Connection
Material - Unauthorized

Einsturzende Neubauten - Drawings of Patient O.T.
Diamanda Galas - The Litanies of Satan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Modern Lovers - I'm Straight

Artist spotlight Mission of Burma ( Two from the past and one from the present.
Academy Fight Song (Single, 1980)
Learn How (Vs, 1982)
Sectionals in Mourning (Unsound, 2012)

25 years of "Songs About Fucking" This landmark album was released this week 25 years ago.
Big Black - The Power of Independent Trucking / Bad Penny / L Dopa

Swans - Speak
Patti Smith Group - Rock n Roll Nigger
Jim Carroll - People Who Died

Hugh Mundell - Let's All Unite
Burning Spear - Live Good
Yabby You - Carnal Mind

12 Cubic Feet - Mary's Got the Bug
the Apostles - The Patient
Cold War - Machinist

Orange Juice - Punch Drunk
the Smiths - Accept Yourself
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A.

Jimi Hendrix Experience - 3rd Stone From the Sun
Mothers of Invention - Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
Kim Fowley - The Trip
Mothers of Invention - Weasels Ripped My Flesh

Killing Joke - Pssyche

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Teen Idles - Sneakers

Black Flag - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
SOA - Public Defender
Void - Who Are You?

Dead Kennedys - Funland at the Beach
Crucifucks - When the Top Comes Off
Butthole Surfers - the Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

Disorder - Rampton Song
Come - Rampton 1 / Rampton 2
Chaos UK - You'll Never Own Me

Crass - Crutch of Society / Heard too Much About
DIRT - Hiroshima
Napalm Death - the Crucifixion of Posessions

Scars - Adult/ery
Buzzcocks - Promises
the Clash - Safe European Home

Bauhaus - St. Vitus Dance
Southern Death Cult - All Glory
Blood and Roses - Spit Upon Your Grave

Frightwig - Vagabondage
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - the Closet
Bikini Kill - Suck My Left One

the Effigies - Cheater
Negazione - Niente
Egg Hunt - We All Fall Down

Pizzarrhea! - Harvesting the Rainbow Lava God
Ornette Coleman - Love Call

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nu Sensae - Spit Gifting

Wire - Crazy About Love

Artist spotlight: Gang of Four. After the early eighties, they weren't worth much, but what a band they were before then!
Contract (Entertainment, 1979) / He'd Send in the Army (Solid Gold, 1981) / Capital (It Fails Us Now) (Another Day, Another Dollar, 1982)

Dag Nasty - Under Your Influence
Beefeater - Out of the Woods
Embrace - Money

Refused - the Shape of Punk to Come
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender
Born Against - Poland

And while we're parading out the 90s hardcore, let's sink to the lowest levels of tough guy ridiculousness with....
Earth Crisis - Firestorm

DNA - 5:30
Flying Lizards - A-Train
Pere Ubu - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man
Emerson Lake and Palmer - The Barbarian
Van Der Graf Generator - Masks

the Cravats - Icecubists
Longshoremen - Rail Road Tracks
Swell Maps - Bonze and Baby Shoes